"I never try to change you... I help you embrace change."

All of us need a little hand-holding at times to help us move through change to become the best we can be... Let me be the person to work with you.

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What People Are Saying

“A pleasure, honour, & blessing. So patient & committed to every single student. Overflowing with knowledge & passion. Incredibly engaging. Thank you Sue!”

Erin T

Reiki II


Peter A

Reiki I

“Sue is still to this day my mentor, friend, maybe even a second mother to me, and has helped me achieve what I needed to achieve…  As you can guess, I am only one of the many people that have had the privilege of knowing Sue, who I’ve viewed as such an incredible, dedicated and loving woman, continuously improving the lives of so many…”

Nicole H

Performing arts student


Thoughts on what makes a Family

A friend recently posted some beautiful images on facebook – her mother and brother. Sadly, both are now gone but she remembers them well. She mentioned being the last of her mother’s line and that she has no children of her own, however she has a wonderful family –...

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How do you approach life and wellness?

While I love the amazing complexity of our bodies and how responsive they can be when they are nurtured, we are so much more than just our physical selves… For our lives to be enriched, we need to be full participants in life. We...

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A Reflection on 2020 & 2021

So at the end of 2020, I was considering how different a year it had been...I normally sent a short missive in the week before Christmas to wish everyone a safe and happy summer holiday period (or winter, if you resided in the northern hemisphere), but 2020 was a year...

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Overload, Overwhelm, and what to do about them…

Someone asked me how I developed Pathways to Peace - my course that supports people across their workspaces and homes, helping to reduce stress and improve workloads (which can be domestic as well as employment-related!) Here's my answer... If you’re feeling weighed...

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On Death – the Journey of Grief

There is a road I travel periodically in my life. It isn't one I seek. It appears as a detour (one I have to take), sometimes with warning, and sometimes unexpectedly. The detour sign appeared again last night and I am back on the road of bereavement. I am sad, but...

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Kindness – towards all

This post shares a perspective on kindness - and how being kind to yourself is just as important as being kind to others... Most people who learn about Reiki also learn that Mikao Usui had a philosophy on living that he expressed as ideals we could all aspire to,...

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