Privacy Policy
Information is not openly available to others

Susan Lake-Harris of guarantees that your personal details, financial and contact information, will never be divulged to/sold to any third party, and such information is only collected when you interact directly. For example, when you sign up to an e-mail list or purchase a service/product.

Legal exceptions may apply

Information is only divulged if there is a specific requirement under law. The site complies with privacy and confidentiality legislation that is applicable in Australia and for the state Susan Lake-Harris resides in (currently, New South Wales). This legislation is similar to that applying in other countries.

Secure storage of your details

Please be reassured, your data is stored securely and complies with standard international protection requirements (i.e., in alignment with General Data Protection Requirements – GDPR).

The use of cookies

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Third party services

Just as Susan Lake-Harris of promises not to utilise or sell your private information, the same is expected of all third parties who provide support services to this site. Please note, Susan Lake-Harris utilises third parties only to support the operation of the site, and no third party is approved/authorised to forward, sell, or retain, any personal or financial information you may share through the site.