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A Reflection on 2020

I normally try to send a short missive in the week before Christmas to wish everyone a safe and happy summer holiday period (or winter, if you happen to be OS at this time), but this year has been one of challenges and great change. Rather than rush something off, I...

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On Death – the Journey of Grief

There is a road I travel periodically in my life. It isn't one I seek. It appears as a detour (one I have to take), sometimes with warning, and sometimes unexpectedly. The detour sign appeared again last night and I am back on the road of bereavement. I am sad, but...

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Kindness – towards all

This post shares a perspective on kindness - and how being kind to yourself is just as important as being kind to others... Most people who learn about Reiki also learn that Mikao Usui had a philosophy on living that he expressed as ideals we could all aspire to,...

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Our Perceptions of People

This post is on handling your people perceptions (or how to avoid being rubbed up the wrong way!)   So I'm sure we all have friends and family members that we simply gel with brilliantly, and then there are ones where things are good most of the time. However,...

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A post on Reiki

This post relates to my professional work as a Reiki Practitioner. If Reiki isn't your thing, read a different post!  So many times I am asked the question, "doesn't Reiki just go where it's needed?" by people who have heard just that - the energy goes where it's...

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