"Reiki is an energy modality ~ not all energy modalities are Reiki."

One of the most powerful, yet gentle ways, to open yourself to positive change is via Reiki.  


  • I teach traditional Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki, and it’s on this page you can find out all about Reiki I and II, and additional support material.
  • I also run a small practice for treatments (most of my clients prefer the flexibility of absent sessions), and while I often work with people, I am frequently asked to support pets. As an animal lover, this is very rewarding.
  • Professional Practice – Reiki Treatment Delivery and Practice Administration, is available as an in-person intensive or as online training. The Infection Control and Hygiene module from this course has been made available as a standalone option during COVID-19.
  • Reiki information is updated periodically with new seminar or event information, as well as stories, perspective pieces, and opportunities to book in for treatments.

Receiving Reiki...

Receiving a Reiki Treatment – If you’ve ever wondered about Reiki, what it feels like, whether it actually works or not, then why not contact me and book a “taste test” mini-Reiki treatment.

These are 30 minute short sessions. Depending on where you live, you will either receive your taste test from me in-person, or, if you live too far away, in absentia.

Yes, Reiki can be applied over distance – I have quite a few regular clients I support this way.

*During COVID-19, these short sessions are currently not available in person.

Next Steps in Learning... Reiki II

Reiki II is not for everyone, but it is the final training option in terms of Reiki as a modality.

People are usually drawn to doing it because of a need of some kind. Perhaps a close friend or family member lives too far away to receive Reiki in a hands-on way on a regular  basis.

If you are interested in working with people in a professional Reiki therapist role, then this is the level at which you complete the necessary modality training.

I teach Reiki II over a Friday evening, then all day Saturday and Sunday. 

Start at the Beginning... Reiki I

Reiki I – The “all round” workshop Sue recommends for anyone of any age and stage.

This is a truly holistic experiential seminar, taking place over a Friday evening, Saturday and Sunday all day.

You really will make a huge difference in your life. It’s the one healing modality where you can safely support yourself AND family and friends, pets and plants.

Professional Practice... Become a Reiki Therapist

Professional Practice – Reiki Treatment and Practice Administration If you want to become a Reiki therapist, this is the right course for you.

I’ve been working professionally with Reiki since 1998 – why not take advantage of my expertise and get a head start on becoming professional?

Devised for Australians and covering legislative and regulatory requirements in running a professional practice, as well as communication skills, record keeping, adapting treatment methods and so on, this course can be completed as a weekend intensive (with some pre-attendance assignments and pre-requisites), OR, as a fully online delivery approach over several months.

Individual sections of the course are available as standalone modules, such as the Infection Control and Hygiene section outlined below. Students will receive a Statement of Completion for any module undertaken in this way. Contact Sue for more information here.

This course is endorsed by the Australian Reiki Connection Inc., the Association of Australian Reiki Professionals, and the Usui Reiki Network. Intensives may be conducted by an ARC  fully trained facilitator, rather than Sue Lake-Harris. Intensives for past graduates of the Usui Reiki Network are always conducted by Sue.

COVID_19 and Infection Control and Hygiene You can do a section of the course as a standalone option if you need to know more about keeping you and your clients safe from pathogens during (and after), the pandemic.

I teach Reiki I & II exclusively for the Usui Reiki Network International. Learn more about the Network here.


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