"Reiki is an energy modality ~ not all energy modalities are Reiki."

One of the most powerful, yet gentle ways, to open yourself to positive change is via Reiki.  


  • I teach traditional Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki, and it’s on this page you can find out all about Reiki I and II, and additional support material.
  • I also run a small practice for treatments (most of my clients prefer the flexibility of absent sessions), and while I often work with people, I am frequently asked to support pets. As an animal lover, this is very rewarding.
  • Professional Practice – Reiki Treatment Delivery and Practice Administration, is available as an in-person intensive, as online training, or a hybrid version that combines a weekend intensive handled via Google Meet as well as the online material – great for people who need to work with others, but can’t attend an in-person event.
  • I travel around Australia to teach Reiki, and regularly offer seminars in Canberra, Devonport, Melbourne, Adelaide, and Brisbane. Some centres are being re-established after COVID, and seminars in Coffs Harbour are commencing this year. Plans are being made to add the Central Coast of NSW later in year.

I teach Reiki I & II exclusively for the Usui Reiki Network International. Learn more about the Network here.

See below for information on courses and treatments.

A pleasure, honour, & blessing. So patient & committed to every single student.

Overflowing with knowledge & passion. Incredibly engaging. Thank you Sue!

Erin T – Reiki student

Receiving Reiki...

Receiving a Reiki Treatment – If you’ve ever wondered about Reiki, what it feels like, whether it actually works or not, then why not contact me and book a “taste test” mini-Reiki relaxation session.

These are 30 minute short sessions at a 50% discount. They are offered in absentia due to my current home being unsuitable for easy access.

And yes, Reiki can be applied over distance – I have quite a few regular clients I support this way.

Start at the Beginning... Reiki I

Reiki I – The “all round” workshop Sue recommends for anyone of any age and stage.

This is a truly holistic experiential seminar, taking place over a Friday evening, Saturday and Sunday all day.

You really will make a huge difference in your life. It’s the one healing modality where you can safely support yourself AND family and friends, pets and plants.

Click on the button below to access more information.

Next Steps in Learning... Reiki II

Reiki II is not for everyone, but it is the final training option in terms of Reiki as a modality.

People are usually drawn to doing it because of a need of some kind. Perhaps a close friend or family member lives too far away to receive Reiki in a hands-on way on a regular  basis.

It’s also a way to work more deeply with yourself, and can be used in person as well as absently. For many people, it opens a greater level of self understanding and compassion for others. It can be applied more flexibly than Reiki 1, as you can use it with groups, for situations, and so on.

If you are interested in working with people in a professional Reiki therapist role, then this is the level at which you complete the necessary modality training.

I teach Reiki II over a Friday evening, then all day Saturday and Sunday. 

Professional Practice... Become a Reiki Therapist

Professional Practice – Reiki Treatment and Practice Administration If you want to become a Reiki therapist, this is the right course for you.

I’ve been working professionally with Reiki since 1998 – why not take advantage of my expertise and get a head start on becoming professional?

Devised for Australians and covering legislative and regulatory requirements in running a professional practice, as well as communication skills, record keeping, adapting treatment methods and so on, this course can be completed as a weekend intensive (with some pre-attendance assignments and pre-requisites), OR, as a fully online delivery approach over several months, OR, a hybrid delivery utilising Google Meet for a weekend virtual intensive with pre-and post-session assignments.

This course is endorsed by the Australian Reiki Connection Inc., the Association of Australian Reiki Professionals, and the Usui Reiki Network. Intensives may be conducted by an ARC  fully trained facilitator, rather than Sue Lake-Harris. Intensives for past graduates of the Usui Reiki Network are always conducted by Sue.

FAQs – click on a question to reveal the answer

Why do your Reiki courses take place over 3 days?

Dr Hayashi (one of the last teachers who learnt directly with Usui Sensei, the founder of the system of Reiki), worked closely with Usui Sensei. He formalised the training and opened a clinic where students could learn and use Reiki with clients. He also sent students on house calls. Hawayo Taktata trained with him and took Reiki back to Hawaii, then mainland USA. She taught other teachers in the 1970s. Beth Gray was among them. Beth came to Australia in 1983 and returned for many years until her retirement. She trained Barbara McGregor as one of only two Australian teachers, covering everything that Takata had passed on to her.

I see myself as a custodian of a tradition, so I follow the teaching tradition as passed on from Dr Hayashi to Mrs Takata, then to Beth Gray & Barbara McGregor. Mrs Takata asked her teachers to retain the methods as she passed them on, which Beth Gray honoured and then asked Barbara McGregor to do the same. Barbara and Beth asked me to make the same commitment, as they did for the Network’s other teacher, Keven Duff.

In order to cover everything, it simply needs two and a half days (around 20 hours depending on the needs of the class – we start on Friday evening, then continue over Saturday and Sunday). This permits in-depth assimilation of your learning and attunements – any less does you a disservice. When Hayashi travelled to regional areas, he taught this way – 2 and a half days for Reiki 1, then 2 and a half days for Reiki II.

I want to learn Reiki for myself but there seem to be so many options, including self-attunements, distance attunements, internet classes, cheap and expensive courses, and sometimes more levels than 2. How do I choose?

Firstly, Mikao Usui was physically with his students when they received their attunements, and as he was the founder of this system of healing, I don’t ascribe to any sort of “over the internet” or distant attunements or trying to attune yourself. That would be the first way I would eliminate a course.

The second point for me would be to know something about the teacher. How long has he or she been using Reiki? What training was received in terms of learning to teach? (The traditional Japanese approach is a long apprenticeship over a number of years, until a point is reached where both teacher and student teacher believe the apprentice is ready to teach, and beyond the apprenticeship, they usually retain a mentor relationship). Unfortunately, some people only do a weekend, or a month, and then proclaim themselves ready to teach. As a formally trained classroom teacher with a 4 year Bachelor of Education Degree and many years of teaching behind me, I can assure you, that isn’t anywhere near long enough! *

It’s also good to know how many students might be present in an average class, and something about how the classes are conducted. For Reiki 1, a class with less than eight or so students simply doesn’t provide the student group with enough varied practice experience, interaction between students and teacher, and so on. A class that runs for less than 18 hours or so is probably lacking in depth and may not provide enough practice time for students to leave feeling assured that they are experiencing the energy we call Reiki.

There should also be a gap between completing Reiki 1 and II. Students need time to practise at the first level, developing awareness of the energy and discernment of subtle differences in terms of flow and sensation. While not being a hard and fast rule, I would recommend 3 months or so between completing the two levels.

I certainly do not support a single weekend where both levels are conducted as a single class. This format simply doesn’t give a student enough time for practice, let alone provide enough time to cover both levels appropriately and in depth. It was nearly a year between my Reiki 1 and II classes, and I believe this worked to my benefit in having gained quite a lot of hands-on experience before moving to the second level.

Finally, some basics – there should be four attunements at Reiki 1, and the teacher should have a verifiable lineage that goes back to Mikao Usui.

You should also check that the teacher belongs to a reputable teaching organisation and/or professional association.

*Please note, I’m not saying teachers of Reiki who have only done short courses are not caring and nurturing people – I am offering an opinion based on many years of experience regarding the minimum timeframe to develop understanding and expertise as a teacher (of any field of endeavour).

Can you teach children to do Reiki?

I offer Reiki to children as a treatment at any age (including in utero!) For teaching children, my thoughts are a little different…

Children are vital and energetic beings, and unless unfortunate enough to fall seriously ill when very young, are robust and healthy, with strong energy and physical bodies. To take on board the teachings, they need to have awareness of themselves as individuals and to have developed at least a simple understanding of their own conscience. I therefore don’t teach children younger than 7 (though I will teach family members of a young child who is ill).

It’s important for children to be old enough to understand what they are doing, and to actually want to do the seminar – not just because they were told to or asked to. So I will always have a quiet discussion with the child before accepting the enrolment in order to be sure the child really wants to learn Reiki…


Is it true you can use Reiki with pets and plants?

Yes, you can certainly utilise Reiki with pets. I used Reiki daily with my very old dog – he was in excellent condition right up to the last few weeks of his life, and was able to pass away gently. I also have a young, adventurous cat, who sometimes injures himself – with Reiki, he heals very quickly! Animals really love the energy, and we do provide basic guidelines on how you can use Reiki with pets on our courses.

Potted plants are very happy when they receive Reiki, and cut flowers tend to last much longer. Seedlings take transplanting well, and tend to be vigorous growers.

Seminar Details by Location for Reiki I – New dates in the second half of the year will be added for locations that currently display as “To Be Advised” as soon as they are finalised.

If you’re interested in Reiki II, or in a different Reiki 1 location, please contact Sue directly using the form below…

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