Service to others ~ Professional Practice

Infection Control & Hygiene – Short Course

COVID-19 brings with it higher standards of hygiene and sanitising obligations than ever before...

As practitioners, we have legal obligations  under the Health and Safety Act to provide a safe environment for ourselves and our clients. As Reiki is not a regulated healthcare modality in Australia, many practitioners don’t have the training or background in either workplace health and safety generally, or infection control and hygiene more specifically.

And COVID-19 further complicates things…

While the states and territories are reducing restrictions, some practitioners are going back to offering in-person treatments, but are they offering the safest environment they possibly can for their clients?

Do you know how to sanitise your premises between clients? How to protect yourself and a client from contact contamination? What about pre-screening requirements?

If you don’t know the answers to these questions, this short course may be the one for you.

Normally, this course forms one section of the larger Professional Practice course, but given the current situation, I’ve made it available as a standalone for only $100.00 AUD (online delivery only).

Members of the Australian Reiki Connection Inc., and the Usui Reiki Network International, receive a 50% discount – proof of membership is required.

Use the button below to access the enrolment form and payment details. Once your payment clears and the form is processed, you will be sent an access code for the online platform and can get started right away.

**If you are suffering financial hardship due to COVID-19, please send me an e-mail and we may be able to negotiate an arrangement for you… Click here.