Look Within ~ Perception, Passion, & Potential.

Wherever you are on your journey...

…I want to share with you two easy-to-learn approaches that have supported me at every turn. I developed both of these to free me from despair, despondency, and overwhelm. I’d like to spare you those extremes too.

One of the things I’ve learnt (the hard and long way), is that we really do need to take care of ourselves, to nurture ourselves just as we would nurture a friend. Many of us are wonderful at pouring our supportive efforts into others, without recognising we must also refill our cups!

Pathways to Peace…

…is a course for people are are feeling overwhelmed – by tasks, decision-making, by time, by lack of balance between personal and professional obligations. I really know what that feels like, so drew on practical skills, as well as some simple personal development tools, to create Pathways.  And anyone can learn these same skills.

Pathways to Peace is available in an online format, with individual attention as well as small group Zoom or Skype sessions. In only six weeks, you can complete Pathways and feel more at peace, more in touch, more in control (and less worried about what you can’t control!)

Use the button below to get on board – in 6 weeks you could be feeling much more at peace (and the techniques and skills are useful for both your personal life and for integrating with your professional life)

Coming Soon – Soul Singing

Learn how to transform feelings of negativity into uplifting, positive moods using the power of music and the activity of singing. You don’t have to be a reader of music OR a singer to do this fully online course…