Healthy Body Basics – Foundations in Anatomy and Physiology


Develop an understanding and appreciation of the wonderful human body and the interrelationships of the body systems.

Easy to read, and entertaining as well as informative.

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Healthy Body Basics is a great foundation level human biology book - BUT, it's not written in gobbledegook. You can enjoy a narrative style, with illustrations and diagrams, that will enhance your understanding of the healthy human body. Covering all the major body systems from digestion through to reproduction, you will enjoy how Sue ties it all together for you.

Designed for practitioners who may not have completed any anatomy and physiology, it's also suited to anyone who just wants to understand the way we humans are put together and how everything works!

There is a companion course, but you don't have to do the course to get the book! Included are all the references and resources Sue used while researching, and her recommendations if you're curious to learn more.

Available only as an e-book, it's a very accessible price. It's in pdf format so any reliable pdf app will have you reading through the material in no time.


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