Hands On – Professional Reiki Practice in Australia

There’s a lot more to the professional practice of Reiki than most people would think…

You’ve done your modality training (Reiki I and II), but where to from there? This book fills in all the gaps about running a practice – and will help you decide if professional treatment delivery is the right career path for you.



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You have to consider your practice premises and what options there are for you in creating a great treatment environment. And of course, there are legal requirements around taking fees, health and safety, running your practice as a small business, records, tax, promotion, and so many more things to organise!

Then there are the client-related issues - codes of conduct and ethics, informed consent, working with minors, communication skills, liaising with other healthcare workers, and so much more.

Sue has written this resource for people who've never been in practice but are considering it, and also for those who are already established but want to ensure they are complying with legal requirements and industry standards within Australia. As she's been working in this field for more than 20 years, including running professional practice workshops and online programs, why not seek your information from this experienced and dedicated practitioner and teacher?

This book is available directly from the author and the price includes postage and packaging within Australia. Sue will sign every book, and she commissioned an eco-friendly Australian printer to produce her paperbacks.

Sue will sell direct to you for only $29.99 for a signed and shipped copy (within Australia). Excellent value, and it's eco-friendly!


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