I’m Dying… Let’s Party! Book


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This book enables you to plan your end-of-life event. Read three illustrative stories, then work through the worksheets.

The author provides personal support if you need it!


This is the “how to” book of leaving your own life in a way that truly reflects you – not the funeral industry, or the expectations of family – you. So if you know you have limited time, this book helps you prepare. I even show you how you can host your own “living wake” or bon voyage party. An event where you’re present means you can say goodbye the way you want to. Or if you prefer not to be there, that’s okay too – the book will help you plan a blueprint for your memorial celebration to be held after you’re gone.

Of course, you might have years to go before you need to worry – there’s nothing to stop a little advance planning – and should the unexpected occur, then at least your preferences and ideas are noted somewhere.

For those who work in fields related to dying – palliative care, death doulas/midwives, hospital and hospice chaplains, even funeral celebrants or directors – this book is valuable for you too as it can help ensure the services you provide are genuinely reflective of the person concerned.

$25.95 in total for standard packaging and postage via Australia Post. That's only $15 for the signed book (a saving of more than $8 per book), $2 for packaging, and $8.95 for getting it to you.


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